Monday, February 23, 2015

Essie Bahama Mama Swatch + Review

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

I have Essie Bahama Mama to show you today. I rarely wear darker colors so this was new to me, and I have to say, I really really like it.

 It's a oxblood type color that was popular a few years ago.

I really love the color, don't really love the formula. It was really streaky on the first coat. The second coat covered pretty well, but under sunlight, it was easy to tell see that there were patches (pointer finger).

I used two coats for the pictures above. I also made the mistake of wrapping the tip before my second coat of polish, which is why there's excess polish at the tip. hehe oops.  

Overall: love the color ( I've already worn it twice), the formula is a bit tricky, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back..With New Stuff

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.
Over the past few months, I've accumulated some exciting new things (mainly things I've wanted for a while..).

On the left is Bahama Mama (which I have wanted ever since it came out) and the right is No More Film. I have yet to try No More Film, but I will soon.

I got the cuticle oil because I lost my Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream :( and I wanted to try it. I actually really like it. It really does smell like apricot!

As you can see, I went through an Essie phase.. hehe.

I love watching Julie G's videos and she always talks about Jet Set, so I wanted to give it a go (so far so good).

I want to try and do some nail art... hopefully sometime in the near future.

Butter London British Racing Green, another color I've wanted for a while. Sally Hansen White On and Black Out, always good to have basics.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this post. My class schedule isn't as packed this semester, so hopefully I'll be blogging more.

Thanks for reading (and patiently waiting for new posts)!

Sunday, July 13, 2014



I know this is months overdue, but might as well post it. lots of yummy food~ If you guys didn't know, I graduated this year so this is sort of what I did that day. I had no school *woohoo* and only had to go to school in the afternoon for the ceremony.

After graduation rehearsal in the morning, we walked to the bakery and got green tea bubble tea!! so good~

There were my nails that day.. Don't you agree that they are bright colors?!?! sorry for the bad lighting.
The blue is Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See. The yellow is Revlon Buttercup. ALERT: Buttercup stains, so make sure to apply a coat of white polish underneath to avoid staining.

For lunch, my family went to a Korean buffet. I was really craving chicken.. I also got hobak-jeon(zucchini squash) and matang..(sweet potatoes)

Someone loves the veggies!! (Not me..)

More yummy food~

Graduation started at 8pm I think? Yeah we had it at our football field... at least there weren't many mosquitoes and it didn't rain!!

The long line of people getting their diplomas... I'm near the end..

Afterwards I had a little graduation party at my house because I wasn't sure if I was going to see some of my friends again who were going out of state for college. Costco chocolate cake is the best!!

This is the food. So yummy~

But yup~ I'm so glad graduation is over. It wasn't as moving as I thought it would be, but whatever~ No more school from 8am-4pm!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's already July though.... I haven't really done anything either... sighs T_T Maybe I'll still be able to get that job at Domino's, even though they called me for an interview almost a month ago...

'Til next time!

Watermelon Nail Art!


Watermelons are appropriate for summer, so I tried watermelon nails again! For supplies, go to my previous post, where I first did this nail design. I even have a tutorial on there!

These were so bad.. I'm looking at my pictures more and more and sighs.. Gotta practice more!! Almost tagged these as #failnails... I'm only satisfied with my white french tips. maybe the light green tips as well. 

Is it just me, or don't the seeds look so....... asdjfklj? It looks like my watermelon slices have been diseased by something... Reminds me of Rosalia from Trauma Team. >_<;;

Next time I'm not gonna be lazy and actually use a dotting tool for the seeds... Round ones look so much cuter than my attempted "raindrop" seeds..

I was SO lazy this time and didn't take out any nail tools.. I just free-handed everything, and yup.. I'm never doing that again. learned my lesson. -_-

Out of curiosity, I was looking up nail tech stuff.... and argh I should've looked it up earlier!! I could have maybe found a program so that I could become licensed over the summer... That would've been nice. I'll look into it again next summer, because I'm so busy lately.. School hasn't even started and I've got interviews and stuff to apply for. I don't even have any nice clothes for the interviews!! I live in shorts and t-shirts and sneakers. T_T

'Til next time!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hawaii Pt. 2


So.. this is part two! We went to Waikiki, (because, well, it's a tourist must) and then we went around the duty-free shopping mall. I went to the Nature Republic at Waikiki and it's AMAZING. Then we went to Ala Moana Shopping Center, where I met some EXO members hoohoo or at least their board prints.... T_T I actually prefer the Nature Republic at Waikiki rather than Ala Moana... It's much bigger and they have more products and better customer service. 

Waikiki palm trees~

Not a lot of people that day.. maybe because of the jellyfish warnings o_o

Nagasaki champon!! Soooooooooooooo good.

Chicken karaage was crunchy and amazing..

I wanna say it's chicken gyuudon, but idk.. I don't know Japanese..

Heehee........ It's Kai and Baekhyun~ This was in front of the Nature Republic store at Ala Moana.

We then ate ice cream at Bernie's (I think?) I got their green tea mochi ice cream because apparently it's the best, and I agree; it is. I've never craved green tea ice cream so much before..

Overall, I had a lot of fun this day too. Ala Moana is HUGE and there were so many people, especially tourists like me. Lots of Japanese couples as well. I got a lot of street passes!! I miss the good food so much... and I wanna go back to Nature Republic and be with Kai, Baekhyun, and Luhan..... >_<

Bonus: When I went to the Nature Republic at Ala Moana, I was looking at the masks and cleansers, and an employee came and helped me. Err at least she tried to help, but it seemed like she didn't really know much about the products yet.. I was looking at the lip tints, and they only had the shine tints, but I was wondering if they had the water tints like at Waikiki. I asked the person what the difference between shine and water tints were, and she replied with "Umm.. One is water and one is shiny." 
Thank you sales associate. I now know the difference between Shine tints and Water tints at Nature Republic.

'Til next time!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hawaii Pt. 1


So I'm back from my trip! I'm still adjusting to the time zones, but it's all good. It was really fun, and I came back tan, fat, and tired, but it was totally worth it. I haven't had this much fun while vacationing in a LONG time..

Anyways, here's the first few days in my old hometown and then my first day in Hawaii! My friend's family actually resides in Hawaii, so I just kinda tagged along and explored Hawaii. Oahu to be exact. It was really nice~

Kudos to you if you know which mountains these are!! 

I FINALLY got to try the over-hyped Honey toast.. it was yummy, but the price was kinda meh... T_T but still so good~ This was green tea and red bean ice cream!! :D

Pho is so good in my hometown~ (canya guess it yet?) I haven't had this good pho in such a long time! (I know it doesn't look as appetizing in this photo, but it was good~)

heehee more food. Banh mi and honeydew bubble tea!!!! so good!!

The lovely view from my friend's house's apartment~ So nice!!! The thing that shocked me at first was that the clouds were so low that they brushed over the tips of the mountains!! so cool!

My friend's grandfather was so nice and gave me a lei as a welcome gift!! so pretty and smelled really nice too~

Iolani Palace I think.. Really cool as well! I didn't go in though. It was so hot and we had been walking for hours..

The ocean is so pretty and blue and sparkly there~

We probably burned at least 100 calories walking in the heat for hours, so we got hungry and ate crepes at one of the many food places~ It was surprisingly good!

Ahh I wanna go back, cept this time with all of my friends and family and show them all the cool stuff I got to experience!! So much good food man... T_T I met some old church friends, ate good food, experience lots of nostalgia, and then opened my eyes to a whole new world. (even though that sounds super cheesy) It was just so amazing I can't put it into words... maybe it's cause I just went there for vacation.. There's a huge variety of people there too, like anywhere else, so I got to experience something outside of the bubble I'm in. I hope I've toughened up a bit!

BONUS: Funny story hehe.. So the first day my friend and I walked around Chinatown, and explored and stuff and then all of a sudden a homeless person starts following us and cursing at us and saying super scary stuff for no reason. We didn't look back because we were so scared and kept on walking, and eventually just went into the local seven eleven to escape. Once we got inside we were relieved, but we realized we had to buy something, so while we were waiting to buy our drinks, a man suddenly left the store, stealing a bunch of food and drinks. The employee there was yelling stop but he just left, and then my friend and I looked at each other and yeah.. Exciting first day! My bubble that I was protected in pretty much popped by the time we exited the seven eleven. T_T

I'll update with part 2 sometime soon! 

'Til next time!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July Mani!

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I painted my nails and it just so happened to be July 4th. I'm not used to doing something so festive, but I figured why not.

The Mani is plain and simple. Nothing too special (I can't draw for my life, so the nail art idea just went right out the window).

 I was originally going to use the glitter from the OPI Mariah Carey collection, but that didn't happen. It was just.. so bad. I ended up switching to the Zoya one that I hauled ages ago.

Hehe.. the Julep one didn't fit in the group photo, so it got its own shot. The name (Molly) rubbed off too.. sorry!

 I started off with this Mani:

Trying out a hand position (position? not sure what to call it). We'll have to see if this "position" works out.  I wanted something sparkly on my nails so I ended up going with Zoya Ginessa (instead of the OPI one). 

Zoya Ginessa on the ring finger. 
I probably could have left it like that (above), but just decided to paint the rest with the Zoya polish. I ended up with this: 

Much more sparkly and somewhat more fitting for July 4th. Oh, I almost forgot: 2 coats on all polishes and one coat on the Zoya one (2 coats on China Glaze as a base).

Thanks for reading and Have a great rest of the week!